We are a cover band, trying to delve into the indie/folk/rock originals scene in Oakland, California.  We are currently focused on performing cover songs in both unplugged and staged settings while we work on our first E.P. , and creating original songs in 2017.  

1-9-2017 Update: Photo Shoot, FB Page and Recording Session

Lots on our plate this month! 

In preparation for our February 15th recording date, we have doubled our practice schedule to iron out the details on the 4 songs we'll be recording. We love our practice session, so this is a real treat for us ~ having more time to hang out together and practice. 

In addition to our recording date, we are coordinating a photo shoot so we can update our profiles and flyers.  We hope to publish a FB page, and get ourselves situated on a few other   sites like Youtube, Reverb Nation, Soundcloud and Instagram.  

Wishing you a wonderful 2017! 

Facebook Page In the Works

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12-28-2016 Update: Feb 15th Studio Date

We just secured a Feb 15th studio recording date in Oakland. If all goes to plan, we will record 3 cover songs and an original song. Very excited to get 2016 behind us, and a new year to look forward to!

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7-27-16 Update: Band Name and Demo Update

We are now focused on two major changes to our band - a band name, and completing several original songs we've started looking at. Our intention is to hit the studio around early 2017, but that will require a lot of  focus on finding a cover song and finishing up a few of our originals. To make matters more interesting, you can't have an EP without a band name attached to it, can you? We are trying to come up with something easy, and cryptic, but not so cryptic you can't understand it, and hasn't been copyrighted already. We'll post the band name candidates after we've had a chance to strangle each other over what to call ourselves. 


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7-27-16 update: July 15th Demolition Party

Our July 15th Demolition Party performance was perhaps one of the most bizarre parties we've played. A business owner scheduled his building to be demolished the following day, so he took the opportunity to invite his employees' family and friends over to a knockout celebration. Part of the festivities included sledgehammers, hard hats, falling debris and fish tanks. Again I say, it's a bit hard to describe. Perhaps the most vivid memory I (Chris) have is playing through the downpour of a broken fish tank on the second floor above my head - water came within a few steps of one of my PA system's EV speaker. Looking up, there was whole in the floor with someone looking down at me. It was... a little disturbing... haha. 

Despite the chaos however, I must say the party was a knockout (badump ba). Everyone had a really good time, even me despite my shaken nerves. I learned something about Ashley that night - she swings a mean sledgehammer. 

Killin it

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7-4-16 Update: Upcoming Show

We booked our first private party as a band which will take place in Berkeley on July 15th. We have a little over an hour worth of "ready to go" cover songs, so we asked another band to take on the remainder of the night. It's a good toe-dip for us to see how well we mesh in a live setting. We have a few original song-sketches that we'll start pursuing after this show. Things are looking up!

5-31-16 Update: Studio Tour

We've had quite the busy month learning / practicing our core set of cover songs. It's easy to underestimate the challenge that much material brings - you have to pick and choose what to practice each session two weeks in advance so everyone is on the same page for practice night. 15 songs is just over an hour of material played back to back, and coming up with an engaging set order is nothing short of wizardry. Fast songs, slow songs, in the middle songs, loud songs, soft songs ~ difficult to make those decisions without knowing the venue you're playing.

Prior to our last practice session, we visited a recording studio situated in a building next door to our own practice room. We had a chance to get a sense of the culture and meet the owner. Our next challenge is coming up with our E.P. material so we can get it ready for the studio. There are lots of loose ends we have to tie before hitting record, but slow and steady wins the race. Fortunately, we're both of those :)

Oh, and I almost forgot ~ say hello to my new little friend ~

My Lil Friend

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